Water Part III


Since we’ve gone over the importance of staying hydrated and the excitement of infusing water — I thought we could combine the two and take it a step further. This step has a few extra options, too. Zing Anything has partnered up with K Squared Glamour and Spectacular She to share the Aqua Zinger and the Citrus Zinger! Now you can implement the tips from Water – Part I, and choose your favorite fruits/benefits from Water – Part II and combine them on the go.

I’m always for infusing water, with one of my favorite recipes being strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, and mint. The thing that bothers me most is getting random chunks of fruit stuck in my teeth. Normally it wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but with braces– ugh!! Dropping in to save the day is Aqua Zinger.



This handy dandy water bottle has a separate section for the fruit, and keeps it good for three days while you refill it as many times as you can. It’s stainless steel bottle has a “grinder” that mounts to the bottom. It retains most of the pulp and seeds it creates, while letting all of the flavor of the ingredients infuse the water to your taste buds delight! The bottom help about 3/4 of a medium peach, or three medium/large strawberries, three raspberries, and a couple mint leaves. It smashes everything in nicely and the bottom is easy to get on and off. It doesn’t leak and all and doesn’t have any condensation, either!  Note: I did notice that if left it in the sun it heats up pretty quickly, but not as quickly as the Citrus Zinger.

Lemon in the eye got you down? I know it seems to come at me like I’ve got a tractor beam locked the yellow bugger.  The Citrus Zinger seems to have solved this problem. All I had to do was cut my lemon (can’t wait to try this with tangerines), and put it in the bottom of the bottle.  I cut a rather large lemon in thirds about 1½ inch to 2 inches thick, tossed it in the bottom, and was good to go. I found that anything larger than this makes it nearly impossible to screw the bottom of the bottle back on. I struggled for about ten minutes the first time, before realizing I had more lemon on hand, and cut a smaller slice.


If you’re not a fan of pulp, this isn’t for you. The strainer at the bottom prevents any seeds from coming up into the top chamber, but the little pulp sacs float right on up and party at the top. The other problem I have with this is the amount of condensation. Let’s not kid ourselves; it’s a plastic bottle in the middle of summer… it’s going to sweat!

Over all I really like the design of these products. The handy bottle comes in three parts, four if you count the lid. There is the main chamber, for the water.  The bottom chamber that serves as a reservoir for all your fruity needs, and finally the zinger it’s self, which is a cute lime color for citrus, and a sky blue for the regular fruit zinger. All three parts are easily assembled and break down just as easy for cleaning purposes.

They’ve got several color choices for each, and a few more brilliant idea for things to “zing”. Check ‘em out on Facebook and Twitter, too!