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Infiniti Pro Conair Curl Secret

I absolutely love trying out new hair tools. I own a plethora of them and can’t get enough! One of the most recent hair tools to hit the market and spark my interest was the Infiniti Pro Conair Curl Secret. If you have never heard or seen the Curl Secret, it is a curling iron that curls automatically when you feed a section of hair into the heating chamber. Once in the chamber, your hair is uniformly heated from all directions for the perfect curl. There are two different heat settings (high/low) and three different time settings (8 sec, 10 sec & 12 sec). For looser curls, use the lower heat and shorter time’s settings, for tighter curls, use the higher heat, and longer time settings.

I have never seen anything quite like it. Have you? One thing in particular that intrigued me was the fact that there is no chance of burning yourself or countertops for that matter! Not to brag or anything, but I’m quite the pro at curling my hair so burning myself is not an issue; HOWEVER, I am guilty of burning one to many countertops with my hot tools :/ eeek I know! That was reason enough for me to head out to Walmart and purchase this. I was able to score the Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret for $99, which is a great deal compared to $150 elsewhere.


My hair is naturally straight so I am going to show you how I use the Curl Secret to take my hair from its natural straight self to fabulous curls.

Step 1: Wash hair, add mousse and blow dry. 

Step 2: Section your hair. I find it the easiest to work in sections from the bottom up.

Step 3: Take about a 1/2 inch of hair and brush through it. Then clamp the curl secret over the section of hair where your curl to start. Make sure the open circle is facing toward your head. 

Step 4: The curl secret will draw in your hair automatically and after several beeps are complete, you will know when to release the hair. You will be left with a perfect curl every time. 

Step 5: Continue to curl your hair on whichever setting you prefer…8, 10 or 12 seconds on high or low heat. I used the high heat for 12 seconds on my entire head.

Step 6: Repeat steps to other side of head. If you notice in picture 6 my curl is more defined than in picture 4. This is because I took a smaller section of hair. The smaller the section the tighter the curl was for me. I varied between small and thicker sections of hair so that my curls varied in tightness throughout my hair.

Step 7: The bottom layer of hair is complete. Repeat steps 1-6 to the top layer of hair.

Step 8: Grab your favorite styling crème to run through yours curls and style as desired.


Step 9: Your completed look!

 If you do not have long straight hair like me, I have listed several other videos below that show you how to use the Curl Secret on a variety of different hair types.

Curl Secret™: How To Use for Thick, Coarse Hair

Curl Secret™: How To Use for Long Hair

Curl Secret™: How To Use for Textured Hair

Curl Secret™: How To Use for Thick, Hard- to-Curl Hair


As you can see, the Conair Curl Secret if very easy to use and pretty much goof proof. If you are knew to curling your hair or have always had trouble figuring out a curling iron this is the perfect tool for you. The Curl Secret does all the work for you! All you have to do is feed the iron sections of your hair and it takes care of the rest. Quick and easy with fabulous results!