If you have been a long time follower of my blog then you would already know what a fan I am of the company Union28. Never heard of them before? Well they are an AMAZING company that honors the relationship between a husband and a wife; the way it should be! Their mission: “To encourage marriage relationships, communicate a positive image of marriage and to honor the sanctity of the marriage covenant.” I love this mission statement! They carry an assortment of clothing like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, etc. with awesome logos proclaiming how much your spouse rocks or why your marriage is great.

Some of the logos seen on the clothing are:

  • “My Husband Rocks” and “My Wife Rocks.”

  • “I love My Wife” and “I Love My Husband”

  •  “My Marriage Still Rocks”

  •  “I Respect My Husband” and “I Respect My Wife”

  • “Forever His Bride” 

    With my hubby returning home from a 3 year deployment overseas and our marriage still going strong even after those years of separation, i thought these shirts would be perfect for us to have. I choose to go with the “I love my Husband” and “I love My Wife” t-shirt set. I really love the designs of the shirts and how his looks a lot more manly, while mine was more girly. MY shirt fit very well;whereas, his ran a bit to large on him. I had to roll his sleeves a few times and scrunched his tee up as much as i could to make it not look so large in the photos.  I would recommend ordering a size smaller than normal for your men. With Christmas just around the corner, let your spouse know how much you love her/him with these great affordable shirts.   

I find it heartbreaking that in today’s society many people try to break apart the foundation of a marriage and no longer view marriage as a sacred covenant. It has become a norm to get divorced after just a few months or years of marriage. I love how Union28 cheers marriage on, not only with their apparel but also by offering up a marriage tip every Monday. You can find a new marriage on their website or Facebook Page every Monday, so be on the lookout for those to help strengthen or encourage your marriage. Some of my favorite Monday tips that have been given by Union are:

September 10, 2012
“Holding hands with your spouse is a great way to reaffirm your enjoyment of each other, as well as show publicly to your children, friends, & anyone who sees you, that you go together.  Holding hands can be an outward display of the inward choice you both make to stick together through it all.  Plus, even a simple physical connection like holding hands can relieve stress, stir romance, and give a sense of safety and security.”

“Sometimes a hug – such a simple, selfless act of love – is the best medicine.  Is your spouse feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, stressed out, unloved, or just having a bad day?  A tender, tight, unrushed hug can remind your husband or wife that you’re there for them – that they aren’t alone and that everything will be okay.  Sometimes actions speak louder than words.”

December 5, 2011
“Your body language makes all the difference when interacting with your spouse. This week, practice listening with your face – communicating love and respect by giving your full attention with a good attitude.”

April 9, 2012
“Smile!  A smile is a small, self-less act of kindness and respect that can make a big impact.  A smile acknowledges another person – it lets them know you are happy to see them, that they are worth your attention, and that you are pleased by their presence.  So the next time you make eye contact with your spouse, smile!  (This even works over the phone – your spouse can detect when you’re smiling, even when your face is unseen!)”

October 10, 2011
“Love your spouse with the sense of touch!  Whether offering a hug, stealing a kiss, squeezing his shoulder, or stroking her hair, let your spouse know that he/she is safe with you and that your touch can be trusted and desired as a means of encouragement, affection, and love…and allow your children to see these interactions – it will reassure them of your love for each other and boost their confidence in your love for them.”

May 14, 2012
“Laughing with your spouse is a wonderful way to relieve stress and share a fun memory.  But be sensitive.  Sometimes a moment which seems funny to you may be the “straw that breaks the camel’s back” for your spouse if he or she has had a rough day.  Enjoy the times when you can share a laugh and embrace the moments when giving your spouse a hug – or just some space – is the best medicine.”

 Would you rock these spouse shirts from Union28?